The seven-seater SUV Volkswagen called CrossBlue (New details and images)


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blue” width=”650″ height=”431″> VW-CrossBlue-Concept_2- (2) [5] Today it became known new details about the seven-seat SUV Volkswagen (including its name), and published a new, more detailed photos of new items.

VW-CrossBlue-Concept_2 (2) [3] [2]

The new coupe of the German company received CrossBlue name and has been developed specifically for the US market and Canada. As we already know, the model number of the company CrossBlue takes place between a small Tiguan and VW off-road flagship series – the Touareg .

VW-CrossBlue-Concept_2- (2) [1] [1] [3]


  • Length – 4.986 mm.
  • Width – 2.014 mm.
  • Height – 1.732 mm.

The conceptual model has 6 individual seats 2 for each of the three rows (2 + 2 + 2). The production version of CrossBlue will be available in 7-seater version with three seats in the center row.

VW-CrossBlue-Concept_2- (3) [5]

The prototype is driven by a hybrid power plant, consisting of 190-hp TDI diesel and a pair of electric motors on the front and rear axles with a capacity of 54 and 114 horsepower respectively. Engines aggregated with DSG dual clutch transmission and the electronic all-wheel drive system.

VW-CrossBlue-Concept_3 (2) [3] [2]

VW-CrossBlue-Concept_1 (2) [3] [2]

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