The new generation 2018-2019 Land Rover Defender is delayed until 2019

The new generation Land Rover Defender is delayed until 2019

Representatives of the 2018-2019 Land Rover company said that the new generation SUV Defender will be ready no earlier than 2019.

Production of the classic “Def” was completed in late January of this year, after 68 years of almost continuous operation of the conveyor.

The successor of the legendary model is in high positions in the to-do list of the company, but it will take considerable time to build a competent business case, as 2018-2019 Land Rover is necessary to release the SUV, which will not disappoint his fans and will have an acceptable cost, despite the relatively low circulation.

It is known that a new generation of Defender will receive a set of elements of the existing models of the brand, which will save considerable funds to the development and research.

This probably means that the next generation of off-road vehicle can get branded bearing aluminum construction, the longitudinal position of the engine, independent suspension and all-wheel drive system with a transfer box and reduction gear.

The estimated volume of sales of the new “Defender” will be 50,000 copies annually.

According to the British press, the new SUV will be only slightly larger than the current model and will be available in several body styles and at least two variants of wheel base length.

Photo: Concept   2018-2019 Land Rover DC100.

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