The fate of the Volkswagen CrossBlue crossover was “in the balance”

Volkswagen CrossBlue (4)

Recently, the launch of new projects of the Volkswagen Group held with difficulty. If the crossover from Lambo and Bentley barely managed to get a ” green light ” from the leadership, the fate of the off-road vehicle VW CrossBlue remains hazy. The reason – the high cost of production.

If we were talking about the premium SUV class, the customers of this niche is hardly deter the high price of the model, however, remind you that the company is going to position the new product as a utilitarian family car, standing on a step below the flagship . Obviously, the price tag should be appropriate.

As you can see, the realities of production have made their adjustments – Car production costs were higher than planned.

Volkswagen Board Member Michael Macht said that currently the company is actively working to optimize the production process to maximize the cost of cheaper models. Michael is optimistic and promised that within a few months we will know about the timing of release CrossBlue the US market.

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