Range Rover by SR Auto with wheels PUR 9INE

Range Rover SR Auto 1

Range Rover continues to reopen the minds of craftsmen from tuners worldwide. If you’re not a supporter of radical methods of customization, such as turning off-road coupe , the project SR Auto, should be to your taste.

White SUV has received a number of glossy black accents, causing the association, echoing with the image of an imperial stormtrooper. Grille, windows, chrome all components and some other exterior trim elements are in a glossy black, while PUR 9INE Monoblock wheels colored in silver.

To diversify the monotonous color scheme SR Auto brake calipers painted in green, just like sports car Verde Ithaca from Lamborghini.

Also tuned Range Rover received a lowered suspension and 24-inch wheels.

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