Next update 2018-2019 Toyota Tundra will not happen before 2018

Toyota Tundra 2014

The next global update pickup 2018-2019 Toyota Tundra will happen no earlier than 2018. This Japanese manufacturer announced earlier this week, adding that the future model will be developed taking into account the maximum fuel economy.

2018-2019 Toyota is also considering the possibility of release for Heavy Duty version of ‘Tundra’ with a view to take nishchi 3/4 and 1-ton pickup market, which is now dominated by trucks from Detroit – the Ford the F-the Series , the Chevrolet the Silverado / the GMC the Sierra and Ram.

Recall that 2018-2019 Toyota introduced the third generation of the Tundra from model year at the Motor Show in Chicago on 7 February.

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