Next Range Rover will be more luxurious


The 2018-2019 Land Rover are confident that in the model lineup is a place for the more expensive in the Range Rover’s , which could become a reality with the new generation of the SUV.

Rover’s SVAutobiography the Range , introduced last year, is the luxury version of the SUV ever built, but now the British manufacturer were plans for an even more luxurious model.

In an interview with Automotive News, the brand’s chief designer Gerry McGovern said that the new generation of Range Rover can go out but the new price level.

McGovern said that the decision came as a result of the fact that the new Discovery will also become more expensive and premium, which, in turn, said the need for growth and for the Range Rover, which should not experience internal competition with the “Discovery”.

We can assume that the next generation Range Rover will be positioned as a direct competitor Bentley Bentayga and future Cullinan-Royce of the Rolls .

Glavdizayner also stated that the seven-seat cabin – “territory Discovery» and is not suitable for the Range Rover family, but the Range Rover Sport still has a sense of the 5 + 2 configuration.

Recall that 2018-2019 Land Rover plans to expand the line of the RR, adding to «Sport Coupe», accessible, in particular, in electric modification (if you believe the rumors).

Legendary Defender will return us to the end of the decade, having a platform with aluminum components, as well as, perhaps, the “charged” version of the SVR and modification SVX for complex terrain.

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