FCA can build a large SUV at Baeza 2018-2019 Ram pickup

FCA can build a large SUV at Baeza Ram pickup

FCA Alliance is considering the creation of a full-size SUV based on the 2018-2019 Ram 1500 pickup.

Novelty will compete with models like the Chevrolet Tahoe and others.

In his interview with USA Today the head of the Jeep and 2018-2019 Ram Companies Mike Manley said that the platform 2018-2019 Ram 1500 is perfect for a large SUV.

“We have all the possibilities to the frame of a new generation 2018-2019 Ram. It is possible to create a new large SUV, because we have a very, very convenient for this frame , which soon will be even better, “- said Manley.

The new generation 2018-2019 Ram pickup will hit the market in January 2018, a hypothetical SUV based on it may appear as early as 2019.

Given the popularity of coupe, Fiat Chrysler desire to release such a car is quite understandable.

For example, in , General Motors sold 200 thousand copies of the Chevrolet the Suburban , the Chevrolet Tahoe, CA , the GMC the Yukon and the Cadillac the Escalade , all of which are built on a common platform.

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