2018-2019 Luxgen prepares for two new Russian crossover

2018-2019 Luxgen Taiwanese company has announced plans to localize production crossover U6 Turbo in Russia, as well as the launch in our country sales of the new SUV U7 Turbo (restyled version 2018-2019 Luxgen7 ).

Compact ‘SUV’ U6 Turbo, presented in , is based on a sedan platform 2018-2019 Luxgen5. In Taiwan model is sold with two petrol engines to choose from in volume of 1.8 and 2 liters, developing 150 (232 Nm) and 170 (261 Nm) horsepower respectively.

1.8-liter engine is paired with a 5-band automatic transmission, and the 2-liter powerplant is joined with a 6-step “automatic machine”.

Updated U7 Turbo is available to residents of Taiwan with all the same 2.2-liter gasoline turbo engine 175 hp, which was completed dorestaylingovoy 2018-2019 Luxgen7. This engine operates in tandem with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

After the facelift crossover received xenon headlights with LED daytime running lights, new bumpers and grille, and roof spoiler. Changes in the interior are represented as a new steering wheel and center console of the touch panel. Leather trim is now done in gray or black color, instead of the ‘old’ terracotta.

Also in the cabin will be a new multimedia system Think Touch + with 10-inch touchscreen and a full sync with HTC smartphones, plus a system of circular video review.

Recall that last summer 2018-2019 Luxgen adjusted release of ‘Seven’ at the facilities of the Russian company “Derways” in Cherkessk. The minimum price of the car for the domestic buyer was 1,320,000 rubles, but in December, the manufacturer drastically reduced the prices on the model up to 990.000 rubles.

Crossover 7 2018-2019 Luxgen SUV will be assembled in Russia

The Taiwanese manufacturer 2018-2019 Luxgen confirmed the information that the talks with the Russian company “Derways” ended successfully – the new model crossover 2018-2019 Luxgen 7 will be manufactured at the facilities of domestic enterprises in Cherkessk.

Moreover, in a press release 2018-2019 Luxgen told that they are going to use the Russian motor oils Teboil from the company ‘LLK-International “.

Home sales of new crossover is planned for the third quarter of . Russian buyers will be available only one version with 175-horsepower gasoline engine capacity of 2.2 liters, aggregated with 5-band automatic transmission.

At the local Taiwan market model implemented since 2008.

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