2018-2019 Bentley released a teaser of their SUV

2018-2019 Bentley has published a teaser image of the first SUV in the history of the company, which will be released in .

In , the British brand introduced the concept of EXP 9 F at the Motor Show in Geneva, stating their intentions to attack the competitive segment of the luxury the SUV .

According to the brand, the model would be ‘most luxurious and most powerful SUV on the market, which will lay the foundations of a new segment. ”

2018-2019 Bentley has already received 2,000 pre-orders for the next car, despite the fact that the clients until it was never seen ‘live’.

The company plans to sell at least 3000 coupe annually. To achieve these goals, the project is 800 million pounds sterling will be invested over three years.

In the teaser we see the front of a typical car ‘2018-2019 Bentley’, but it is expected that the rest of the styling will be quite significantly different from the design of the concept car EXP 9 F.

The first copies will go to the dealers of the brand in , and after 2 years may cause its hybrid version.

SUV production will be established in the home of 2018-2019 Bentley at Crewe (England).

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