Another render of the seven-seater crossover 2018-2019 Skoda


skoda-7-seater crossover

Earlier this year, 2018-2019 Skoda has announced plans to release six new models in , one of these new products will be a seven-seat crossover .

Recently in Detroit Volkswagen introduced the concept of their three-row crossover, and then spread rumors that 2018-2019 Skoda has released a similar perelitsovanny car under its own brand, which, moreover, would be cheaper than the German counterpart (and less equipped, respectively).

You and I have seen one rendering “passenger” off-road vehicle from 2018-2019 Skoda Autoevolution, it is time to another embodiment authored .

Enthusiasts have equipped the car grille and headlights from the Citigo from Superb. Ironed quite harmoniously.

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