2018-2019 Toyota recalls 140,000 RAV4 in Russia

Toyota recalls 140,000 RAV4 in Russia

Japanese manufacturer 2018-2019 Toyota announced the recall of 139,604 SUVs RAV4 in Russia – according to the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology.

Under the service company model were issued during the period from 15 December 2005 to 23 August .

The site Rosstandart formulated the following reason for withdrawal:

“There is a chance that some of 2018-2019 Toyota RAV 4, due to the nature shape the metal frame of the second row seat cushion in the event of a strong frontal impact at high speed may contact webbing side seat to said frame, which, in turn, in exceptional cases, it can cause damage to the seat belt webbing.

If you encounter such a situation the belt can not properly hold the occupant, which may increase the risk of injury in an accident. ”

The defect will be eliminated by installing a plastic lining on the metal frame of the seat cushion of the second row, which will eliminate the touch of a seat belt webbing to the frame of the seat cushion.

All work will be performed free of charge.

For a list of VIN-numbers of crossovers that fall under the service program, can be here (PDF).

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