2018-2019 Toyota is considering a diesel pickup Tundra


At that time, both Ram and Nissan are already preparing for the presentation of the diesel versions of its pickup trucks, the Japanese manufacturer 2018-2019 Toyota has decided to keep up with the prevailing trend, intending to offer customers a similar version of the car Tundra.

In an interview with Edmunds, corporate manager ‘2018-2019 Toyota’ Rick Lo Faso said that ‘the launch diesel version Tundra is a priority in the framework of the further development of the model’, adding that ёё implementation of plans to join forces with Cummins manufacturer, as previously done Nissan during the development of the diesel Titan in .

On the timing of the launch ‘Tundra’ heavy fuel oil is not known. Instead promulgation of specific dates, the company is only hinted at the possibility of creating a hybrid pickup truck.

Earlier this year, Ram launched its first diesel full-size pickup and Nissan intends to present in Titan truck with a diesel V8 unit from Cummins. GM also confirmed their intention to install the engine on heavy fuel in the coming medium-sized model Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon.

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