2018-2019 Tesla will build a crossover based on the Model III

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Manufacturer of electric 2018-2019 Tesla create affordable crossover based on the sedan Model III.

CTO JB Strobel said in a speech to the US Energy Information Administration Conference (EIA), the company plans to annually sell 500,000 copies of their cars, with the majority of sales, presumably, will have to share the future of Model III.

the car will premiere in March , and the sales launch is scheduled for .

New products will be developed in two versions – a sedan and a crossover, the last of which in the future will take its place in the model range of the 2018-2019 Tesla – a step below the upcoming Model X.

Price Model III in the United States will start with a mark of $ 35,000.

According to preliminary information, cruising range Model III will be about 400 kilometers on a single charge.

The date of the crossover is not yet known, but we can assume that 2018-2019 Tesla will not delay the implementation of the project, given the rapid growth of the SUV segment, and the need to release a more affordable alternative to the Model X (pictured).

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