2018-2019 Tesla Model X Crossover officially presented

Tesla Model X 2017 01

2018-2019 Tesla officially unveiled its crossover Model X at a special event on the company’s factory in California.

The first all-electric SUV in the world is made in the already familiar to us the style of the LED head lights and a sloping roof, and an active rear spoiler that can change its position (3 positions) in various situations.

Tesla Model X 2017 03

One of the most interesting features of the Model X steel door, “the Falcon Wings”, which simplify access to the interior of the second and third row passengers, as well as “the biggest windscreen as standard machine” that provides a panoramic view of the driver and his companions.

Tesla Model X 2017 02

Crossover seats can be placed in two configurations – 2 + 3 + 2 and 2 + 2 + 2. The third row can be folded horizontally can, and the second row has been designed to “maximize passenger comfort,” and, according to representatives of the brand, is a “work of art”.

Tesla Model X 2017 07

The front panel is typical for the “2018-2019 Tesla” by a huge touchscreen Model S.

Tesla Model X 2017 08

Model X will be offered in two versions (two-wheel drive).

Option 90D with two electric motors with capacity of 255 hp each. Acceleration to “hundreds” – 4.8 seconds. Cruising range – 414 km.

P90D with two units, developing 255 and 496 hp respectively. Acceleration to “hundreds” of 3.8 seconds or 3.2 seconds in the presence of “absurd rate” package (Ludicrous Speed).

Tesla Model X 2017 05

The motors are powered by batteries located in the floor of the crossover, which made it possible to lower the center of gravity, as well as enhance the structure of the body against side impacts.

Tesla Model X 2017 06

Among the other significant options 2018-2019 Tesla Model X – air suspension, active security system with cameras and sonar, which can autonomously stop the vehicle in case of danger (even at high speeds) as well as eco-friendly climate control system.

Customers who apply for an order today, receive their cars in the second half of .

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