2018-2019 Renault planned to release a new cross-coupe

Renault planned to release a new cross-coupe

2018-2019 Renault is preparing for a new trend in the market, after the boom of conventional crossover – the company believes that the new hit of the industry will become a beautiful five-door cross-coupe.

According to Autocar publications, French is developing a new show car, which will be part of the conceptual series, produced for several years under the leadership of chief designer Laurens van den Acker.

After the formation of the basic model line, the manufacturer is looking for additional options in narrower market niches and, it seems, in the future we are waiting for another crossover with a diamond on the grille.

Brand designers appreciated the concept of the Mazda Koeru , presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show – low, slim sporty SUV based on the CX-5 .

Based on the concept of the serial was created CX-4 for the Chinese market, but the “Reno” designer inspired was his initial conceptual version.

It is logical to assume that the new Cross Coupe will be built based on the Captur or Kadjar . Probably, the second model will be the basis for a more manageable size.

Appearance of new items will be more elegant than the German BMW X4 and the X6 .

Public premiere of pre-Coupe SUV will be held at the Motor Show in Paris, and its driving force will be the electric power plant, the characteristics of which are still unknown.

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