2018-2019 Nissan Terrano in Moscow test

Nissan Terrano tested in Moscow 01

Visitors to the portal Club 2018-2019 Nissan Terrano found on the crossover 2018-2019 Nissan Terrano Russian capital’s roads.

Despite the fact that the Terrano already produced for the Indian market, the appearance of the Russian interpretation is still unknown that fuels the interest to found a prototype.

Disappointing that the manufacturer previously hidden elements of the exterior of a protective film, which excludes speculation about the unique details of the Russian version of the car, but the overall concept has been known for a long time – the crossover will be perelitsovannuyu version of Duster with modified front and rear, as well as a slightly modified interior .

Recall that the model will be produced at the Moscow plant “Avtoframos” and, according to rumors, it will be slightly cheaper than the French / Romanian counterpart.

Nissan Terrano tested in Moscow 02

In India, 2018-2019 Nissan Terrano sold at a price of 990 000 rupees (about 515,000 rubles) and is available to the buyer with three engines to choose from: a 1.5-liter petrol engine capacity of 102 hp, as well as two versions of the 1.5-liter diesel engine capacity of 85 and 110 Horse power.

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