2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz plans to create a crossover coupe based on the GLK

Mercedes-Benz GLK

Sports Activity Coupe – a relatively new segment of the classification of vehicles, whose ancestor was the famous crossover the BMW the X6 .

Rival German premium brands Audi and 2018-2019 Mercedes could not ignore the huge success of the X6, preparing their own models to compete with the eminent ‘Bavarian’.

In particular, Audi registered trademarks Q2, Q4 and the Q6, one of which is sure to get the car in the trendy form factor, as well as to invest 22 billion euros in the development of new models and technologies.

2018-2019 Mercedes-Benz, in turn, is preparing for the release of two SAC in the near future ( mid-size and full-size model ).

We already know that the new ML-Class will get a characteristic cross-coupe shape and sloping roof, but according to the publication Car and Driver, cheaper and smaller in size GLK-Class will also receive a coupe version.

The novelty will be called GLC and share a platform with the new C-Class generation. If the model will receive the final ‘go-ahead’ from brand management, we will see it on sale around the beginning of .

This means that the new the BMW the X4 , which debut will take place in the near future, there will be several years with impunity, to conquer the hearts of motorists, without encountering any competition.

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