2018-2019 Lincoln is working on a rear-wheel drive crossover

Lincoln is working on a rear-wheel drive crossover

According to the entered data, the US manufacturer of 2018-2019 Lincoln is developing a new rear-wheel drive crossover, which will hit the market within a few years.

In late September, Ford published a plan for the development of its model line up to 2020, where in front of 2018-2019 Lincoln seeks to reach 200,000 sales annually.

The document appears restyled the MKX , and the full-size sedan and several other models, the output of which will be held by the end of this decade.

One of the novelties will be the aforementioned crossover built on the rear-wheel drive platform, following the example of the Australian Ford Territory (pictured above).

Obviously, the rear-wheel drive will be standard for the model, and the drive system on all 4 wheels bude be offered at an additional cost, as most buyers will prefer this option.

According to information from «The Truth About Cars» – a future crossover will be built on the basis of the next generation of the Ford Explorer .

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