2018-2019 Lifan is preparing three new SUV for the Chinese market

Lifan is preparing three new SUV for the Chinese market

The Chinese company 2018-2019 Lifan Automobile quickly and successfully develops its range – in the last month they released a crossover the X50 , the new compact van Lotto will be presented in December, and the debut of the sedan and an updated 820 720 will be held in the first quarter of .

Moreover – 2018-2019 Lifan in the near future will develop three new SUV, expanding its line of off-road vehicles up to five models.

Subcompact crossover 2018-2019 Lifan X40 will be available in mid- as low as 40 to 65 million yuan (about 346 – 563 thousand).

The motor range will include 4-cylinder petrol units – namely, the 1.2-liter 84-horsepower engine and 1.3-liter 92-hp power plant

Transmission: 5-speed manual gearbox.

The full-size frame SUV 2018-2019 Lifan X80 will come into competition in the local market with such models as Haval H9 and future Changan CS95.

The debut of a large SUV will be held in the second half of at a price of 170 to 240 million yuan (about 1,472,000 – 2,078,000 rubles), making it the most expensive car in the company’s history.

It is known that the X80 will receive a seven-seater version , but the information about his engines yet (need at least a 2-liter turbo power of 200 hp, to compete in the designated segment).

2018-2019 Lifan X70 will be available after , taking place in the line intermediate between the top-end X60 and X80.

The basic unit X70 will be the 1.8-liter 150-hp engine.

car prices will range from 100 to 150 million yuan (about 866 000 – 1 300 000 rubles).


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