2018-2019 Land Rover smashed the prototype Range Rover Sport at the Nurburgring


The British company Jaguar 2018-2019 Land Rover has its own test center, located near the famous German Nurburgring track. Every car manufacturer produced compulsorily tested on said track, including SUVs.

As it became known, one of the prototypes of the new Range Rover Sport was in a pretty serious car accident, which resulted in the loss of the wheel and suspension damage. Fortunately the pilot was not injured sports SUV.

The place of the accident was the bridge Breidscheid, which is the lowest segment of the Nürburgring. Usually this is where crowds gather to see how the pilot will enter the left turn leading to the said bridge. The interest of the audience due to the fact that most accidents happen in this area.

Unfortunately, high-quality photos of the crash site is not, however, you can safely assume that the affected model is the “hot” version of the Range Rover Sport RS, photos of which we published last week .

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