2018-2019 Land Rover Evoque starts Russian sales with 9-step ‘automatic’

LR Evoque

In the near future, the company 2018-2019 Land Rover will launch a Russian sales of the updated crossover Range Rover Evoque, equipped with a new 9-band automatic transmission.

Today SUV sold in Russia with 6-speed “automatic machine”, available in three versions:

  1. Petrol, 2.0, four-wheel drive, 240 hp (from 1.955 million rubles);
  2. Diesel, 2.2, four-wheel drive, 150 hp (from 1.748 million rubles);
  3. Diesel, 2.2, four-wheel drive, 190 hp (from 1.824 million rubles).

Prices are relevant for the 5-door ‘Ewok’ .

Updated versions of the new powertrain obviously will be a little more expensive.

It is worth noting that the new version of the British crossover will be available only with automatic transmission. All who wish to buy a car with a manual ‘box’ is one of the current instance will be offered.

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