2018-2019 Kia Soul EV will receive a power reserve of 193 km

2014 Kia ​​Soul 4

The Korean company 2018-2019 Kia has published preliminary data on future electric crossover Soul EV, whose entry into the market in .

In anticipation of the release of the model outside of South Korea, the manufacturer decided to share information about what will be the proverbial EV.

The crossover will get a lithium-ion battery is 27 kWh, which will provide a power reserve of 193 kilometers on a single charge. The battery will be charged from a standard wall outlet to 240 volts.

To fully charge the batteries need 5 hours, and using a special charger 100 kW procedure takes only 25 minutes.

According to the company, the EV prototype based on the new Soul model year and use 109-hp electric motor, which develops 284 Nm of instantaneous torque.

Thrust is transmitted to the front wheels via a single-speed gearbox with constant ratio.

Electric propulsion system allows the car to gain first “hundred” in less than 12 seconds, and its maximum speed is set at around 145 kilometers per hour.

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