2018-2019 Jaguar crossover thinking about the issue under the name Q-Type and XQ


Premium models of SUVs and crossovers continue to bring huge profits to their producers. This situation forces companies have traditionally focused on the production of luxury sedans, to reconsider its policy and model to join the off-road cutting delicious pie a Maserati , the Lamborghini , the Bentley , the Alfa Romeo and, probably, the 2018-2019 Jaguar – the following candidates for membership in the club.

In the past, 2018-2019 Jaguar has already thought about such a step, but the SUV development has been delayed due to low priority. Apparently, the company management has decided to return to the path of the previously scheduled.

According to the newspaper Piston Heads , a manufacturer registered in the Patent Office of the European Union just two potential names for their crossover – «Q-Type» and «XQ».

Of course, the reserved codes can be applied to existing models “2018-2019 Jaguar» – F-Type and XJ quite fit into the format. However, in this case, belong to the family of off-road provides presence of the letter «Q», which is also used by Audi and Infiniti model line to indicate their SUV’ov.

If the assumption is true, and 2018-2019 Jaguar will actually decide on the release of this vehicle, the company will try to release the original crossover / SUV to compete on equal terms for the buyer in a crowded market, which, moreover, is not yet fully recovered from the recent crisis.

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