2018-2019 Ford announced changes in the motor range Kuga crossover

Ford announced changes in the motor range Kuga crossover

The European version of the Kuga crossover will receive two new engines and an additional electronic security systems.

The modifications of the list will be a 2-liter turbodiesel capacity of 180 hp and 400 Nm of torque, up 17 horsepower and 40 Newton meters more than the old analogue, which, according to the company, accounted for up to 83% of all sales “Kuga.

The following are new – a 1.5-liter turbocharged EcoBoost power in embodiments 150 or 182 hp

This engine will replace the 1.6-liter engine of the same capacity, which was 7% less than the level of eco-friendly CO2 emission into the atmosphere.

The list of the basic equipment of the new Kuga will include copies of cruise control, tire pressure sensors, the system “start-stop”.

Optionally available traffic sign recognition system, monitor the blind zones Rows and movement, as well as adaptive cruise control and automatic switching on dipped beam.

In the Russian market crossover costs from 989,000 rubles for the modification of a 150-hp 1.6 EcoBoost and manual transmission .

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