2018-2019 BYDwill launch 4 new crossover in

BYD will launch 4 new crossover in 2017

Chinese manufacturer of BYD, recently presented the 505-strong crossover Tang and Tang superversiyu the Ultimate , is preparing for the premiere of another 4 off-road vehicle, the output of which will be held in the period from to .

The entire line will be built based on the latest proprietary platform 542, where the first digit “5” represents the time in seconds it takes to accelerate to “hundreds”, the second digit “4” – the availability of all-wheel drive system, and the “2” – displacement fuel spent for 50 kilometers in the combined cycle.

2018-2019 BYDYuan

BYD Yuan

The first novelty will be a crossover called 2018-2019 BYDYuan – a compact SUV with dimensions (mm): 4320/1765/1650 and wheelbase length of 2520 mm.

Power plant: 1.3-liter 4-cylinder internal combustion engine and two electric motors. Total capacity – 473 hp

Transmission: 7-speed DCT + four-wheel drive.

2018-2019 BYDYuan debut will take place in the third quarter of .

2018-2019 BYDSong

BYD Song

Crossover 2018-2019 BYDSong (formerly known as S3), will receive a 1.5-liter turbocharged “four” and two electric motors that work for a couple with dual clutch transmission and all-wheel drive system.

Dimensions (mm): 4565/1830/1720. Wheelbase – 2660 mm.

Hybrid modification 2018-2019 BYDSong will be presented at the Motor Show in Shanghai in April this year, and fully electric version will be available in .

2018-2019 BYDS6

Updated 2018-2019 BYDS6 in comparison to the current model will get more dynamic styling exterior and redesigned interior.

Engines remain unchanged – 140-hp 2-liter, 1.5-liter turbo, which develops 154 hp and the 2.4-liter unit capacity of 167 hp

Motors 1.5T and 2.0 will dock with the manual transmission and 2.4-liter installation will be available with a “box” with two clutches.

2018-2019 BYDMing

BYD Ming

The most powerful of the new products – seven-passenger 2018-2019 BYDMing will enter the market in .

Dimensions (mm): 5100/2000/1750, wheelbase – 3000 mm.

It is noteworthy that in the much-6 engine (internal combustion engine and electric motors 5) of its hybrid power plant will go.

Official information on the characteristics of units and the design of SUV is no other than the fact that the SUV can accelerate to “hundreds” of 3.9 seconds, which is more than impressive.

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