2018-2019 BMW confirmed the ultra-luxury compact X2 and X7

Render will look like the future BMW X7 (II)

Top-manager Ian Robertson, 2018-2019 BMW has officially confirmed in an interview with Automotive News, that their company is preparing an ultra-luxury version for the future of the flagship SUV X7.

Robertson is not particularly willing to go into details, but said that the new product will cost more than 100 thousand dollars, and will also receive a luxurious 4-seat interior and unique exterior styling.

Render will look like the future BMW X7 (II) 2

In addition, Robertson denied rumors that the new X7 will share a number of components with the future SUV the Rolls-Royce the Cullinan , and advised not to compare with the luxury X7

Mercedes-Maybach GLS, since 2018-2019 BMW is no need to compete with the Maybach, given that the Bavarians owned Rolls-Royce brand.

In addition, the top manager also confirmed that 2018-2019 BMW is working on a new compact crossover.

No details yet, but we can assume that we are talking about the X2 , which will be presented in .

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