2018-2019 Acura is considering a new entry-level crossover

Acura SUV-X 5

2018-2019 Acura Company is considering the possibility of issuing a new base crossover model based on the compact Honda Fit.

The specific information yet, but we can assume that the company will start mass production concept-the X the SUV . The conceptual model was developed primarily for the Chinese market, but management 2018-2019 Acura has decided to sell the car in other markets.

Information about when the car goes on sale and what engines will get into the motor range, yet.

Acura SUV-X 6

Recall that the ‘2018-2019 Acura’ recently entered the Russian market with the launch of the implementation of the two crossover MDX and RDX at the price of 2.499.000 and 2,199,000, respectively.

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